Important notices

Important notices from the Federal Plant Variety Office

Eligibility for certification:

  • Procedure for establishing the prerequisites under Sec. 11 (1) of the Operations Ordinance for the Federal Plant Variety Office (BSAVfV) for the eligibility for certification of seed material of the varieties listed in Sec. 55 (2) of the Seed Act (SaatG)

Institutions in non-member countries:

List of marketable fruit varieties

Conservation seed mixtures:

  • Procedure for the distribution of seed material of conservation mixtures pursuant to the regulation on the marketing of conservation seed mixtures of 6th December 2011, last amended by the regulation of 6th January 2014

Conservation varieties:


Small packages:

DUS Testing:

Additional notices:

  • Overview of the most important valid Federal Plant Variety Office regulations with reference to additional notices (Publication date: 15th December annually)