Official Gazette

Federal Plant Variety Office’s Official Gazette

The official gazette of the Federal Plant Variety Office is the "Blatt für Sortenwesen". It is published eleven times a year and contains all Federal Plant Variety Office announcements in relation to plant breeders’ rights and seed law, as well as other information and regulations related to plant varieties and seeds.

Monthly publications (January to March, May to December):

  • Applications for plant breeders’ rights and admission to the national list
  • Details of variety denominations
  • Conclusion of the procedure for granting plant breeders’ rights and admission to the national list
  • Granting plant breeders’ rights and admission to the national list
  • Changes to the details of the applicant, rights holder, plant breeder, representative or proxies
  • Expiration of plant breeders’ rights and admission to the national list
  • Seed material propagation areas/seed material quantities in Germany
  • Announcements regarding amendments/supplements to the SortG/SaatG/BSAVfV laws
  • Announcements regarding general regulations in the plant variety and seed sector
  • Statistics
  • Notice of deadlines
  • Notices regarding sealing small packages
  • Public tenders

The May issue contains the monthly publications from April and May.

The recent edition of the Blatt für Sortenwesen is available in PDF format. The archive includes all the official gazettes published from 2008 onwards.

Special edition:

On 1st April each year, all varieties are published that are admitted to the list under SaatG and/or protected under SortG at this time.
This variety register also includes the following announcements:

  • Varieties with expiration dates
  • Fruit species that can be registered under § 6 (4) of Regulation on the marketing of planting material for vegetable, fruit and ornamental plant species (Anbaumaterialverordnung)
  • Notice of variety maintenance under $ 33 (8) SaatgutV
  • Details of plant breeders’ rights holders, breeders, additional breeders, representatives, proxies and beneficiaries

The current version of the special edition is available in PDF format. The archive contains copies of all special editions published from 2008 onwards.

Notes on use: PDF documents and accessibility

The PDF documents provided here are supplementary to the current valid variety information generated by the database at the time of access. The PDF documents are limited in terms of accessibility.