Plant technologist

Training as a plant technologist

Training duration: 3 years

Training start date: 01/08

Type of training: Dual vocational training at the site and vocational school

Training locatio: Bundessortenamt: Scharnhorst testing station and in the laboratory (Hannover), vocational school in Einbeck


  • Cultivate, maintain and harvest crops for testing purposes
  • Bonitur and documentation of trials and tests
  • Use, care for and maintain experimental machinery and equipment,
  • Become familiar with different collection methods, methods of crop preparation, and perform sampling and analysis
  • Apply information and communication techniques
  • Lab:
    • Checking the ingredients of harvested crops
    • Getting to know different laboratory methods starting with sample preparation and ending with sample analysis


  • At least qualified lower secondary school leaving certificate
  • Good skills in biology, chemistry and mathematics
  • Enjoyment of practical work, manual and technical skills
  • Pleasure in working with plants and interest in nature and the environment
  • Basic knowledge of common MS Office programs (Word, Excel, Outlook)