German Gene Bank for Rhododendrons

German Gene Bank for Rhododendrons

The German Gene Bank for Rhododendrons is a national network of 53 rhododendron collections in tree nurseries, botanical gardens, parks and private gardens. The Federal Plant Variety Office has been coordinating the gene bank since 1st July 2014. The basis for the gene bank is the model and demonstration plan “Decentralised rhododendron gene bank network” run by the Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture. The project was awarded financial support for a limited period of time from the Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture (BMEL) coordinated by the Federal Institute for Agriculture and Food (BLE). The Chamber of Agriculture is a gene bank partner and is also a member of the expert advisory committee of the German Gene Bank for Ornamentals.

Approx. 380 rhododendron species and subspecies, as well as approx. 4000 rhododendron varieties and approx. 600 potted azalea varieties, are stored in the gene bank. The information including descriptions, images and QR codes relating to the accessions is easy to access using the database. This is used in a variety of ways by users both in Germany and abroad. Particularly the detailed information on literature and varieties, as well as the plant images, are highly valued by users.

Coordination centre:

Dr. Burkhard Spellerberg
Federal Plant Variety Office
Osterfelddamm 80
30627 Hannover

Telephone: +49 511 9566-5731
Fax: +49 511 9566-9600
Email: burkhard.spellerberg@  bundessortenamt.  de