Instructions for downloading the forms

Instructions for downloading the forms

Many web browsers use their own PDF reader to open PDF documents. The reader is opened by default when you click on a PDF file. However, the functionality of these readers is very limited. In order to use our forms, you have to open them with Adobe Acrobat Reader. The settings differ between the different browsers:


Please open or save the file by using the appearing pop-up.


Depending on your browser settings, there are several options:

  • Open or save the file by using the appearing pop-up (see illustration). Opening the pop-up will last a short moment, as the file has to be created first.
  • The file is automatically stored in your download folder.

Depending on your settings for using the integrated PDF view in Firefox, the application forms may be displayed directly in the browser. Correct editing is not possible here. Therefore, please save the PDF file on your PC before processing.

Google Chrome

You can open the file in the Download folder by using the Explorer or by right-click in the download bar selecting “open with system viewer”. Please note that creating the file will last a short moment. A blue mark around the PDF icon indicates that the loading process has not yet been completed.