List of fruit varieties

List of Marketable Fruit Varieties

Since the EU-Directive 2008/90/EG, and the accompanying implementing directives, came into force new regulations are applied for the marketing of propagating material and plants of fruit species. The notification for an official variety register is the prerequisite for marketing within the European Union, since 2017. Varieties can be included into this register if they are protected by plant breeders’ rights, or admitted to the national catalogue, or if they are considered as ‘commonly known’. A variety is considered to be commonly known if it has been marketed before 30/09/2012, and if an official or an officially recognized description is available. Also varieties which are registered in other EU Member States, or for which an application for plant breeders’ rights or for national listing has been filed, are considered as commonly known. Propagating material can be marketed as certified material or as standard (so called CAC – Conformitas Agraria Communitatis) material.

In addition varieties with no intrinsic value for commercial crop production (so called amateur varieties), can be marketed as CAC-material on a national level, if an officially recognized description is available. For the listing of varieties of ‘common knowledge’, and of amateur varieties an application has to be filed. Also varieties intended for the preservation of genetic diversity can be marketed within a Member State’s own territory, in limited numbers.

This list therefore provides an overview for the concerned economic sectors, as well as for the interested consumers. Varieties which fulfill the requirement for being marketed throughout the EU, will be notified to the EU Commission in Brussels. The notifications from the different EU Member States will be combined by the Commission into a database of a European catalogue.

As a first step, the List of Marketable Fruit Varieties is presented in pdf format; a database is currently under construction. Those varieties protected according to the German Plant Breeders’ Rights Law or the Regulation on Community Plant Variety Rights, or which have been admitted to the National List, and which at the same time are marketable within the European Union, can be found here:

An overview of marketable fruit varieties can be obtained as follows (only available in German language):