Annual meeting 2022 with the CPVO


On May 31, a delegation of the Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) from Angers (France), led by the new president Mr. Francesco Mattina, visited the Bundessortenamt for the annual meeting. For the first time since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, the discussion took place in person. The cooperation between CPVO and BSA, recent developments and joint projects in variety testing were discussed.

During a tour of the Hanover testing station, Mr. Mattina and the CPVO colleagues were given an overview of the current work and the new cool storage facility for seed at the Bundessortenamt.

Francesco Mattina, President of CPVO:
“Coming to Hannover and meeting with the Bundessortenamt in person at the beginning of my mandate as President of the CPVO was very important to me. For the past 25 years Germany is amongst the top three European countries in terms of applications for Community plant variety rights (CPVRs). In addition, the know-how and expertise of the Bundessortenamt in carrying out DUS examinations for hundreds of plant species makes it one of CPVO’s most strategic partners. The CPVO looks forward to continuing our positive collaboration with the Bundessortenamt in the years to come.”

BSA President Elmar Pfülb:
"We are very pleased about the visit of the new CPVO President Mr. Francesco Mattina and his high-ranking delegation. We are honored and motivated by the expressed recognition of our long-standing and diverse examination work as national Examination Office for the Community Plant Variety Office."

During their stay in Germany, the delegation also visit horticultural and agricultural breeding companies and associations.