Signature notes

Information on electronic signatures

New electronic forms are now available that can be completed, saved, signed electronically and electronically transmitted to the Federal Plant Variety Office using Adobe Reader.

In the sixth regulation amending the regulation regarding Federal Plant Variety Office procedures of 17th April 2007, authorisation is given for electronic formats.

In order to sign applications electronically, the following prerequisites must be fulfilled:

  • You require a signature card for the qualified electronic signature
  • You require a special reader device for your signature card
  • You are using a Windows PC, Version Win2000 SP4 or above, with Internet Explorer Version 5.5 or above
  • You require Adobe Reader Version 9 or above
  • You require a Java Virtual Machine Version 1.4.2_08 or above
  • You need additional software for the legally binding signature (OPENLiMiT SignCubes PDF Plugin)

For more details, please see the Federal Plant Variety Office brief description, BSI confirmation of the OPENLiMiT signature components and OPENLiMiT information.

You can find out more about electronic signatures on the Adobe websites.

New from 15.03.2010:

OPENLiMiT SignCubes PDF Plugin

Installation support is available from OPENLiMiT SignCubes AG at the following website:

You can choose between:

  • a support package (lower cost)
  • a helpline (higher cost)
  • or use the FAQ section free of charge.

The following links allow you to download the required additional software components: