National Co-operation

In the field of resistance and quality screening, the Bundessortenamt works closely with the Federal Biological Institute for Agriculture and Forestry (Biologische Bundesanstalt für Land- und Forstwirtschaft) and other research institutes of the Federal Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection as well as numerous institutions of the Federal Lands and universities. In order to test varieties in different ecological areas, VCU trials are carried out at institutions of the Federal Lands, particularly in co-operation with the Chambers of Agriculture (Landwirtschaftskammern). Thus, results of trials carried out at trial sites not belonging to the Bundessortenamt are included in its central analyses.

The Bundessortenamt is responsible for the control of variety purity of seed and planting stock material on the market in co-operation with the authorities of the Federal Lands, which are in charge of seed certification, seed trade and sales regulations. The Bundessortenamt also serves as co-ordinator for the Federal Government in the seed certification offices and the seed trade control offices of the Federal Lands.

The Bundessortenamt acts as an advisor within the framework of sales and marketing regulations when quality disputes of plant production and marketing arise. The Bundessortenamt also co-ordinates trials of trees and shrubs in co-operation with trade associations (e.g. German Nurseries Association - Bund deutscher Baumschulen).

The Bundessortenamt also has the task of preparing and submitting legal and decree drafts for variety and seed schemes for the Federal Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Forestry. Therefore constant contact between the Bundessortenamt and trade associations is necessary.

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