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Welcome to our Bundessortenamt website.

The use of modern plant varieties is amongst the most efficient means of production in agriculture and horticulture. Tremendous improvements in the performance of German agriculture and horticulture over the past 50 years would not have been possible without the successes in plant breeding. Effects of these successes range from the increase in hectare yields to progress in value for cultivation and qualities of many crop species and to higher levels of resistance to plant diseases and pests.

The Bundessortenamt is responsible for granting of Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR) and National Listing (NL) of varieties and thus supports the manifold activities to promote plant breeding and biological diversity. PBR protect the plant breeder’s ownership of an intellectual property and promote plant breeding and the breeding progress made in agriculture and horticulture. A breeder or discoverer of a new variety can apply for PBR for new varieties from the whole plant kingdom.

National Listing serves to protect the consumer and ensures the provision of high quality seed and planting stock material of resistant and high performance varieties for farmers and horticulturists. Therefore varieties of agricultural species are tested for characteristics of value, they are tested for yield, quality, health, and cultivation qualities. This regulates the addition of only high-value varieties to the National List and protects the interests of farmers and other seed consumers.

Additional to interesting and extensive information about our operations you will find detailed descriptions of varieties in the "Beschreibende Sortenliste". These descriptive variety lists appear in German and can be viewed online free of charge or can be ordered in print form. Most important characteristics of varieties registered in Germany as well as those of many of the varieties registered in other European countries are described in there. Developed mainly for seed and plant material consumers and for official consultants they are of interest to any and all persons who are engaged in plant studies, job-related, at school or university or just in private.

Besides the descriptive lists current information about newly listed agricultural varieties are available on our website in clear and precise form as soon as the variety committees reach a decision on a variety. Our Official Gazette "Blatt für Sortenwesen" with monthly announcements is also available online (only in German).

For plant breeders, especially those applying for PBR or for NL, we offer access to the valid data by means of a password. As of the year 2007 the Bundessortenamt is the first variety office to offer online applications (only in German) to plant breeders. On these pages the breeders can even access all data and results pertaining to varieties in current testing processes.

We hope that you enjoy an informative visit to our website.

Udo von Kröcher