Functions of the Bundessortenamt

Functions of the Bundessortenamt in detail:

  • Granting Plant Breeders' Rights for new varieties,
  • National Listing of plant varieties as a prerequisite for distribution of seeds and plants, i.e. admission and registration in the National Variety List,
  • Controlling the maintenance of protected and registered varieties,
  • Publication of Descriptive Variety Lists,
  • Testing authority on the behalf of the Community Plant Variety Office,
  • Participation and representation in national and international boards for the development of seed and variety regulations, economic development and international co-operation
  • Publication of the "Blatt für Sortenwesen", the official gazette, which publishes the announcements of the Bundessortenamt,
  • Co-ordination for the federal government of the seed certification and the seed trade control offices of the Federal Lands and of foreign countries.
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