About us

The Bundessortenamt introduces itself

The Bundessortenamt is an independant senior federal authority under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of  Food and Agriculture. It is responsible for granting of Plant Breeders' Rights, the registration of varieties in the National List and for variety and seed affairs.

To the functions of the Bundessortenamt belongs also the co-operation at the advancement variety and seeds-legal framework on national and to international level.

The Bundessortenamt has 7 trial stations for variety testing (see map) throughout Germany, with about 630 ha of agricultural land in the various cultivation and climatic regions. Approximately  15,000 m² are available for greenhouse cultivation. Further tests are carried out at 450 trial sites in the Federal Lands or on the basis of bilateral agreements at test sites belonging to other UPOV-member states.

More information is given in the brochure "Federal Plant Variety Office – Plant Breeders’ Rights and National Listing"(German and English edition). It can be downloaded or ordered directly: info@bundessortenamt.de.

Organization of the Bundessortenamt

The Bundessortenamt is arranged into three divisions: